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Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men presents a fresh look at UFOs and extraterrestrials. Working from a rational Christian worldview, authors Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Mark Clark initiate a search for truth to answers about extraterrestrial life, conspiracy theories, cult groups, alien encounters, and more. Utilizing extensive scientific background and knowledge of the Bible, they approach the many questions that surround this enigmatic topic, including:

  • Does documentation exist for UFO sightings and landings?
  • What has been the government's involvement in UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena?
  • Is there a relationship between UFO sightings and demonology?

With training and experience in the appropriate disciplines, Hugh, Kenneth, and Mark augment scientific and historical analysis with truths from the Bible to provide a balanced look at a controversial subject.


278 pages, Paperback

Copyright: 2024 by Reasons to Believe
Reprinted by The John Ankerberg Show with permission from Reasons to Believe / RTB Press

Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men Book

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