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Jesus Followers by Anne Graham Lotz

The daughter and granddaughter of Billy Graham share inspiring stories from their family life that offer compelling insights for leaving a legacy of faith.
Passing on our faith does not happen passively — it's something we intentionally pursue with prayer and joy. Yet many of us struggle to know what it looks like to live out a contagious faith in today's world. We long for spiritual wisdom on how to ignite faith in our children, grandchildren, and others we encounter.
Jesus Followers offers practical ideas, biblical teaching, and inspiring true stores from Ann Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachael-Ruth Lotz Wright for effectively running the race of faith and passsing the Baton of Truth to the next generation.
Drawing on the fascinating genealogy of Genesis 5, Anne explores the unique impact of our witness, worship, work, and walk. Rachael-Ruth illustrates each of these critical elements with stories from the Graham and Lotz families, offering vivid description of how God's truth was passed on by work and example.
Jesus Followers not only offers a glimpse into the living rooms and prayer closets of a faith-filled family, but it also equips you with the wisdom, motivation, and practical ideas for consistently and joyfully sharing your faith.

Jesus Followers

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