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Guests: Joni Eareckson Tada and Dr. Michael Easley

Series titles:

  • How Can God Help You Deal with Chronic Pain, Disability & Illness?
    Joni Eareckson Tada shares how she was injured and learned that she would never walk or use her hands again, yet God helped her move beyond depression to live for Him. Then Dr. Michael Easley, tells about how God has helped him cope each day with severe chronic pain. And finally learn the reasons why God allows us to suffer, and how Jesus sympathizes with our pain and suffering, and offers grace and mercy in our time of need.
    (For this title only, choose DVD #1)

  • God's Comfort When You Are Discouraged, Depressed & Fear the Future
    Joni and Michael talk about three issues facing those who suffer. First, "How do you go on when all of the props are knocked out and there is nothing but you, God, and pain?" Second, "Does the Bible teach that it is God's will to heal all those who truly come to Him in faith? And third, "How do you keep from going back into depression when you experience setbacks? And what promises does God make of eternity with Christ and a new body free from pain?"
    (For this title only, choose DVD #2)

  • Where is God When Life Hurts?
    We discuss what God promises to those who say, "My pain is so great. How can I trust God with what I am feeling. How we can continue to believe God is good and loving during times of prolonged pain when it does not feel like He is there. Is it really God's will to heal everyone who prays in faith about their sickness? Do those who are disabled still have great meaning and purpose to God. And overcoming discouragement.
    (For this title only, choose DVD #3)

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