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Includes 3 series on digital download
  • Where is God When Life Hurts? (5 programs)
    We discuss what God promises to those who say, "My pain is so great. How can I trust God with what I am feeling?" Learn how we can continue to believe God is good and loving during times of prolonged pain when it does not feel like He is there. Is it really God's will to heal everyone who prays in faith about their sickness? Do those who are disabled still have great meaning and purpose to God? You will also learn how to overcome discouragement.
    (For this title only, choose Series #1)

  • God's Help When You Suffer (3 programs)
    Join Joni and Dr. Easley as they share from personal experience & Scripture how God offers strength during times of pain, illness and disability.
    (For this title only, choose Series #2)

  • God's Encouragement for Caregivers (3 programs)
    Joni and Dr. Easley are joined by Joni's husband, Ken, and Michael's wife, Cindy, to share the experiences of caring for those who suffer. You'll be encouraged through the inspiring accounts of Christian caregiving and offered biblical assistance for both giving and receiving care.
    (For this title only, choose Series #3)

Where is God When Life Hurts? Download Series

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