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Guests: Anne Graham Lotz & Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright

How will the next generation learn about the gospel? According to our guests, we are running the first leg of a relay race, tasked with passing the baton of truth to our children. They explain using four men mentioned in Genesis chapter 5 who successfully ran their legs of the race.

(DVD/Book package includes 2 DVD/Blu-Ray Series with 7 programs and 1 Book)

  • Inspiring Faith in Your Children and Grandchildren, Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD (4 programs)
    In this series you will be introduced to parents and grandparents who passed along the truths of the gospel by their own example. You will hear real-life examples of what it means to read, study, apply, obey, and love God's Word.
    (For this series only, choose DVD #1)

  • Inspiring Faith in Your Children and Grandchildren, Part 2 Blu-ray/DVD (3 programs)
    In this series our guests share how to deal with those times when life throws us a curve. To continue their analogy of the relay race, how do you react if you drop the baton? What if you stumble and fall, or break a leg? Is your race doomed, or can there be victory even if the face of failure?
    (For this series only, choose DVD #2)

  • Jesus Followers Book
    The daughter and granddaughter of Billy Graham share inspiring stories from their family life that offer compelling insights for leaving a legacy of faith.
    Passing on our faith does not happen passively – it's something we intentionally pursue with prayer and joy. Yet many of us struggle to know what it looks like to live out a contagious faith in today's world. We long for spiritual wisdom on how to ignite faith in our children, grandchildren, and others we encounter.
    This book offers practical ideas, biblical teaching, and inspiring true stories from Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, for effectively running the race of faith and passing the Baton of Truth to the next generation.
    (For this title only, choose Book)

inspiring Faith in Your Children and Grandchildren

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